Agriculter Department - Profile


 Joint Director of Agriculture in charge of all activities in the District. He is assisted by the two Deputy Director of Agriculture (State Scheme  and Central Scheme) to look after the Departmental extension activities. One Deputy Director of Agriculture to look after the State scheme activities in the districts and one Deputy Director of Agriculture to look after the Central scheme activities in the districts In addition one Deputy Director of Agriculture (PPM)/Personal Assistant (Agriculture) to each District Collector has been positioned to assist the collector in Monitoring and CoOrdinating  the implementation of Agricultural and allied schemes by Agriculture and Sister Departments.

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Quality Control) positioned in the districts for monitoring Feritilizer and Pesticide Quality, issuing License to Fertilizer and pesticide shops  respectively.. Two Agricultural officers assist state and Central schemes , one Agricultural Officer incharge of Information and Training
activities..One Agriculture Officer assist Personal Assisstant To Collector.


           Perambalur district has four block namely Perambalur, Veppur, veppanthattai and Alathurgate . The Assistant Director of Agriculture are in charge of Agricultural Development activities of the block. The  Block Assisstant Director Of Agriculture are vested with Contigent bill drawing powers. He is Assisted by one Agricultural Officer and one Deputy Agricultural Officer.The main Depot is Controlled by Agricultural Officer and Sub Depot is Controlled by Deputy Agricultural Officer. One Assistant Seed Officer, Five  Assistant Agricultural Officers  work in each block to disseminate Latest technology to Farmers. The Soil Testing laboratories,Fertliser Testing Laboratories and Pesticide Testing Laboratories are functioning under the control of Block Assistant Director .

Available Facilities:

I)            STL and MSTL

This district is having one Soil testing Lab (STL) and One Mobile Soil testing Lab (MSTL) located in Perambalur . The  main  function of the lab is to analyse  the soil  for  available nutrients and  to ascess quality of irrigation water. This will help the farmer to know  their soil status, soil fertility, fertilizer management and selecting the suitable crop for  cultivation in their land.water quality is also an  important factor on crop selection.   

I) Charges for Analysing the Soil sample: Rs 5/-

II) Charges for Analysing the water sample: Rs 10/-

Further details Contact:

Soil Testing laboratory,

93F/21A, Venkatajalapathy Nagar,

Near New Bus Stand,


Mobile Soil testing Lab (MSTL)

93F/21B, Venkatajalapathy Nagar,

Near New Bus Stand,


II) Agri Clinic Centre

 Under the NADP scheme four Agri clinic centre operating at  Kurumbalur, Irur  ,Puduvettakudi and Poolambadi. Main function of the centre is Mini soil testing .Further One Stop Shop for Fertiliser,Pesticides and Agricultual Machineries.


  • To supplement the efforts of Government extension system 
  •  To make available supplementary sources of input supply and services to needy farmers 
  • To provide gainful employment to agriculture graduates in new emerging areas in agricultural sector



 Agriculture graduates or graduates in horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries,   dairy,        vetnery , poultry, Pisciculture & other allied activities can apply under the scheme.


 To set up Agri-clinic, Agri-Business  centers for input supply & services to  farmers.


Veppanthattai Private Agri clinic


s/o Solaimuthu


veppanthattai,TK, Peramblur Dt

Ph 9965088081,9715133266


Primary Co-operative Agricultural Society (PACB)

Kurumbalur,Post, perambalur Dt

Baskaran Sectactry :9994935887

III) Automatic Weather Station

  The automatic weather station consists of 5 sensors and tipping bucket and  rain guage. The sensors measure pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction. Except the pressure sensor and the rain gauge, the other sensors are mounted on a 3-m tower. Temperature compensated piezo-resistive pressure sensor is used to measure the pressure with a resolution of 0.1 mb. For humidity measurement, a thin film capacitance sensor is used which provides an accuracy of ± 3%. RTD type sensor is used to measure temperature with a resolution of 0.1o C. 3-cup rotor type sensor is used to measure wind speed with an accuracy of ± 1%. Potentiometer type sensor is used to measure the wind direction with a resolution of < 1o. A tipping bucket rain gauge provides rain rate information with a resolution of 0.5 mm.


             Under the NADP scheme, four Automatic Weather Stations situated at Kalarampatti,Padalur,Kunnam,Krishnapuram. Main function of the station is to record the Rainfall, wind Velocity, wind direction, maximum and minimum temperature, sunshine hours etc by every second. This will help  farmers to know the rainfall level and choosing  the Crop based on the Medium range of Forecast.

1.     Panchayat president office, Kalarampatti Post, perambalur Dt

2.     Near Van shed,Sri devi mangalam Road,Padalur-621119Perambalur, Dist

3.     Cotton Research Station,veppanthattai, post Perambalur Dist

4.     Taluk office premises ,Kunnam post & Tk,Perambalur


Iv) Seed Processing (SP) Unit

Seed is  a vital input for enhancing agricultural productivity. quality seed is  necessary  in assuring yield and increased income to the farming community. In this regard government is encouraging the private participation in setting up new  Seed processing unit . Perambalur district got two seed processing unit under NADP schemes


Processing of seeds is done based on the one or more differing physical characters of seed (i.e.) seed size, length, weight, shape, surface texture, colour, affinity to liquid and electrical conductivity.  In processing, first phase consists of scalping, debearding, hulling, shelling to make the seed flow readily through the grader and cleaner (conditioning and pre-cleaning).   

  The second phase includes the removal of inert material, weed seeds, other crop and broken seeds that are larger or smaller than the crop seed.  

  In the final (separating and upgrading) phase, undesirable materials are separated from the seed. 

  Deva Seeds PoolampadiVeppanthattai.Tk Permbalur Dt 62 1103

EverGreen Hi-tech Seeds,

#215/16-A,Manpathai,Vengalam village

Ph: 04328-261296, 9443439798



V) Bio Inputs production centre

  Under the NADP scheme, four bio-Input Production centres are running one in each block. Main function of unit is the production Trichoderma vridi, Psuedomonas fluroscens , Azospirillum, Rhizobium and Phosphobacteria etc and distributed at nominal  cost to farmer

Sri Madura Mens SelfHelp Group,Behind Rani Hotel,Four Road, Perambalur

The others were Elandalapatti,Asur and Poolambadi.


VI) Vermi-compost production centre

Farm waste and agricultural waste are effectively recycled by using earth worm. vermicompost is best way  of enriching the soil by organically. Under NADP scheme, 20 vermicompost  Production unit is functioning in our district.Each Block has got 5 vermi Compost Production Unit.



Dissemination of latest technologies to the farmers and to ensure its adoption is the prime responsibility of the Department. Training of farmers is a continuous process due to the change in agricultural scenario like cropping pattern, new technological interventions, market preference, demand for agricultural produce, value addition, and crop diversification as these are the major factors deciding the profit in Agriculture.

 Contact address:

Assistant Director of Agriculture,

#176, New Colony, second cross,


Perambalur-621 220  

Seed Certification Department

Seed is the basic input. Without good seeds the investments on fertilizer, water and other inputs will not pay the dividend. Production good quality seed is monitored by the seed certification agency. This agency is  fully responsible  the for production of Quality seeds . Interested farmer can register their field  for Seed Certification and fetch premium price than normal seeds.[1][1]

Main Function:

1. Ensuring the distribution of quality seeds of paddy millets, Pulses and oilseeds in the district

2. Train the farmer for Production of quality seeds in their own fields

 3. Inspecting and monitoring seed production field

4. Monitoring the quality standards of seed  in the processing units  

5. Seed samples are taken in the retail outlet by checking the quality standards


2. Contact address

Assistant Director of Seed Certification,

#176, New Colony, second cross,


Perambalur-621 220





1. Co-operative sugar mills- Earaiyur

2. Dhanalakshmi sugar mills (P) Ltd-


Veppanthattai Tk


Capcity: 3,500 ton per day

Electricity: 23 MW

Ethanol: 60,000 Litre per day

            Sugarcane Area: 19,000 acre

Opened on 21.01.2009


Department of Agri-Business


1. To provide technical training   on marketing, grading, drying and storage

2. Exposure visit  within district, outside the district and other districts

3. Marketing of particular commodity in particular market

4. To communicate the price of particular commodity to farmer  by marketing intelligence cell in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

5. Choice of crop based on demand of market


Current projects:

1.To construct Agribusiness centre, Storage godown collection centre and drying yard cost of Rs 60 lakhs in 2009-10


District Level:

Deputy Director of Marketing (Agribusiness)

Taluk level

Agricultural officer (Agribusiness)

Block level

Assistant Agricultural officer (Agribusiness)


Further details

Deputy Director of Marketing (Agribusiness)

Venkatajalapathy Nagar,

Near New Bus Stand,

Perambalur-621 212


Ulavar sandhai,

North Madhavi Road,




Regulated Market

Opposite to Samathuvapuram,





Deputy Director of Horticulture,

486,Abisek illam,

Thuraimangalam,(opp. EB Store)

Near Four road,,


Ph: 04328-225481,225482

Educational Institutions

Agricultural  college

The Dean,

Thanthai Rover Institute of Agriculture and Rural  Developement,








Course offered:

1. B.Sc(Agriculture) from 2008-09 onwards

2. Diploma in Agriculture from 1994 onwards

3. Diploma in Horticulture from 2006onwards


Hans Roever Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Valikandapuram - 621 115
Perambalur District
Tamil Nadu

Phone: 04328-293251,293592
email : pblr_kvk06(at),




  • Conducting “on-farm testing” for identifying technologies in terms of location specific sustainable land use systems (Technology Assessment and Refinement).
  • Organise training programmes to update the extension personnel with emerging advances in agricultural research on regular basis (In-service training).
  • Organise short and long-term vocational training courses in agriculture and allied vocations for the farmers and rural youth with emphasis on “learning by doing” for higher production on farms and generating self employment (Vocational training).
  • Organise Front Line Dempnstration on various crops to generate production data and feedback information (Front Line Demonstration).

Other Activities

  • Formation of Farmers Commodity based Groups    
  • Conducting Monthly Zonal Workshop with extension functionaries
  • Rendering need based farm advisory services
  • Implementing State and Central Governments sponsored agriculture related development programmes
  • Developing location specific technologies
  • Conducting skill demonstrations
  • Dissemination of technologies through AIR, Doordharsan, Websites and Newspapers
  • Precision Farming, National Horticulture Mission, ATMA, IAMWARM, etc.