Employment Department - Profile


The Primary function of the Employment Exchange is to register the Candidates, to nominate them to employers and to render Vocational Guidance.  Apart from this, the Employment Exchange is also engaged in collecting and compiling labour market information and in preparing youth for various competitive examinations.

            To keep pace with the modern times, the employment exchange is fully computerized.  The Employment Exchange undertakes Registration,  Renewal, issuing of Identity Card, nominating the registrants to various employers as and when they notify the vacancies etc.,  are done through computers.

            Perambalur District Employment Office was formed in this District on 11.02.1998

Including both Perambalur and Ariyalur combined Revenue Districts.  Consequent to creation of Ariyalur District Employment Office on 02.11.2009  vide G.O. Ms.No.65 Labour and Employment Department Dated. 11.06.2009, Perambalur District Employment Office functioned only with the jurisdiction of Perambalur District. 

            This Office performs normal functions  of Employment Exchange activities such as to this Registrations, Renewal, Placement of Jobseekers, Unemployment Assistance Scheme, Private Placement activities and Study Circle activities.  This Office has rendered a marvels service to the unemployed youths Perambalur District mentioned as below

                                                GENERAL DETAILS


        1.           Total No. of Candidates Registered and waiting :  98323     (Men        -   50327

                        for employment at this office is                                           Women   -   47996)

       2.   Total No. of Vacancies Notified to this Office                :  5246    

       3.   Total No. Nominated for Vacancies                               :  29476

       4.   Total No. of Candidates placed in various jobs               :  7920



 1. Total No. of Unemployed Youths got Unemployed Assistance    :           22868 

 2. Total Amount disbursed so far                                                    : Rs.  15,17,61,950/-



 1. Total No. of Unemployed Youths got Unemployed Assistance    :           475     

 2. Total Amount disbursed so far                                                    : Rs.  26,56,750/-


1. No. of Private Placement camps conducted              :            68

2. No. of Candidates Participated in that Camps           :       27642

3. No. of Candidates got Placement in that camps         :         1742


                                    STUDY CIRCLE ACTIVITIES

 1. No. of Candidates  Registered in that circle so far     :      1136

 2. No. of Coaching Class conducted so far                  :          48

 3.No. of Candidates got employment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  through Study Circle                                                    :         864