District Town and Country Planning Office

  • Name and Address of the organization

District Town and Country Planning Office, No.132/A3 Periyar Street, Thuraimangalam – 3 road, Perambalur District – 621212

  • Head of the Organization/Department, Contact Number and E-Mail ID

Director District Town and Country Planning Office, 04328296267,

  • Administrative Structure

Administrative structure eng.

  • Objectives
    • To be team for assist to prepare Regional plan Viz. Tiruchirappalli, Ariyalur, Karur, Perambalur, Pudukottai Regional plan.
    • To prepare Master plan for Urban areas for Sustainable growth of those urban areas.
    • To prepare detailed development plan for an oriented urban growth after approved Master plan in force.
    • To assist the local bodies on planning permission and to enforce statutory obligations as set out in the act.
  • List of on-going Projects

1)Master Plan
A Master plan is a dynamic long-term planning statutory document that provides a conceptual framework to guide future development. Master planning is about making the connection between buildings, social settings and their surrounding environments. A master plan includes analysis, recommendations, and proposals for an area’s population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities and land use. It is based on public input, surveys, planning initiatives, existing development, physical characteristics, social and economic conditions. Master plans can have an important role in determining the shape of the urban environment.

Directorate of Town and Country planning ( DTCP) is marching towards fulfillment of the policy of the Government to increase the present geographical area covered under master plans from 7% to 22%. This involves expansion of the area under each of the present 123 master plans necessitated due to increased influence of urbanization of the core town over the fringe areas and notification of new areas for preparation of master plan.

In Order to prepare Master Plan for Perambalur, the Perambalur Composite Local Planning Area (CLPA) was originally notified in Part II Section 2 of the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette, dated 22 November, 2006 and declared provisionally under 10(4) section Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 for the area of 190.24 Sq.Km. The Proposed Perambalur CLPA has the Perambalur Municipality as the core area with adjoining 14 revenue villages for the population of 1,06,548 as per census 2011.

Thereafter, Reconnaissance Survey was done in first week of February 2022 to observe the development in the above Notified Master Plan area. It was noticed that out of 14 villages, 9 villages viz., Keelakarai, Sengunam, Nochiyam, Kalpadi North, Kalpadi South, Sithali West, Sithali East, Perali North and Perali South have not been significantly developed. Since, there were no major developments with respect to industrial use and institutional use in and around municipality for the past 10 years.

Therefore, the Perambalur CLPA boundary has to be modified and re-notified under section 10(1)(b) of Town and Country Planning Act, 1971. The Revised area would be 67.13 sq. km, includes Perambalur Municipality, Aranarai North (pt), Aranarai South, Perambalur North (pt), Elambalur &T huraimangalam (pt) Villages and it has been sent to government for re-notification. In the mean time, Secondary data Viz. Water Supply, Transportation, Statistic And Economic, Agriculture, forest area and so on has been collected from respective departments for the preparation of Master plan. Also, Preparation of existing land use map is under progress.

2) Regional Plan
Regional plan is a process to achieve the desired development through a scientific and systematic way by a definitive action of integrating sectoral, spatial and economic goals at various levels from rural to urban settlements. It regulates spatial and sectoral development in terms of resources or activities in land through zoning of the region. The regions were delineated by taking into consideration of natural or man-made features/parameters, viz., demography, economic dependency, traffic links, governance, sociallinkages, environmental features (forests, wildlife or climate), physiography, investments, resource. Geographical area of the State is divided into 12 regions for the purpose of preparation of regional plans.

Regional plans for the districts of Tiruchirappalli, Ariyalur, Karur, Perambalur, Pudukottai are now under preparation in Tiruchirappalli district office as a nodal office in accordance with G.O.No. 111 H & U D Date: 04/10/2021.

3) Detailed Development
These are micro level action plans that are in conformity with Master plan prepared for urban areas. The plan contains detailed zoning of land for specific purposes, such as park, play fields, small link road, roads for proper traffic circulation, commercial, industrial and public purpose useetc., to facilitate balanced development within the ambit of the Master Plan.

Once the Perambalur Master plan is approved, the town or the site that have the larger potential for future development will be identified and Detailed Development plan will be preparedfor an oriented urban growth.

4) Single Window Portal
Single Window Portal is being developed by this department which includes approval for layout, building and change of land use applications. The Single Window Portal is web enabled and citizen oriented in order to facilitate transparency in the working, comfortable filing from the end users side and also keep digitized records for the future use by the authorities.

5) Power Delegations
1. Local Authorities have power to approve the Residential buildings upto 8 dwellings or (Stilt + 3 floor) or (G+2) for the extents of 10,000 Sq.ft and to approve the commercial buildings upto 2000 Sq.ft of (Ground floor + 1 floor) in vide G.O. No: 265, Housing and Urban Development [UD4(1)] Department dated: 21.12.2022.
2. Local authorities have power to exercise for violation buildings under section 47-A(4)(d), 56 and 57 of Town and Country Planning Act 1971 and confirmed vide G.O. no: 289, Housing and Urban Development (UD 4 – 1) dated. 16.12.2010 .

6) Regularisation of Unauthorized Educational Institutions
The Government have issued order of regularization of unauthorised educational institutions vide G.O.(Ms).No.76, Housing and Urban Development department, dated 14.06.2018 for grant of concurrence for educational institutional buildings constructed and functioning before 01.01.2011 in non-plan areas. Under it, educational institutions are regularized and orders are issued subjected to the rules.

7) Regularisation of Unapproved Plots and Layouts
A Special Scheme for regularization of unapproved plots and layouts is being implemented since 04.05.2017. This scheme is governed by G.O.(Ms).No.78, Housing and Urban Development [UD4(3)] Department, Date:04.05.2017 and G.O.(Ms).No.172, Housing and Urban Development [UD4(3)] Department, Date:13.10.2017, that paves the way of bringing all the unapproved plots and layouts which were formed prior to 20.10.2016 under main stream of planning, so that basic infrastructure facilities can be provided by the local bodies.