Arulmigu Ekampareshwarar and Thandayudhapani Temple

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God : Arulmigu Ekampareshwarar and Thandayudhapani Temple.
Goddess : Kamatchi Amman.
Holy pond : Panchanadi Theertha pond.
Holy Tree : Vilvam

Historical Greatness of the place

In the earlier days this place was surrounded by a canopy of kadamba trees. The Chola king was ruling, having uraiyur as capital. At that time, a Trader from his region, went towards Northern side, from uraiyur, to trade. When he reached kadambavanam, it was dusk and dark. So, he decided to stop his journey and rest there. He climbed up and sat on a Banyan Tree.
A Flash of light appeared suddenly like a fire in the midnight, which was in the form of Shivlinga amid the Lords and Saints, worshipping, then it disappeared. This wonderful scene was witnessed by the trader. Out of astonishment, the trader returned back to his native place uraiyur, to inform the chola king in the dawn.

Reaching Uraiyiur, the trader described that spiritual scene to the Great king parandaha cholan, in his palace.

Kulasekara pandian, the honorable guest to chola king heard about the miracle. The chola and pandian king along with the trader and soldiers reached kadambavanam. The searched for the shivalinga in all directions. At that time, an old man with a sugar cane in his hand, revealed them the place of linga, shivering and disappeared at once, as a flash of light, in the Eastern side. The Kings were astonished to see at a distance a small hill on which Lord Muruga stands as Thandayuthapani with a sugar cane.

Both the kings were almost immersed in Bhakthi and Kulasekara pandian constructed (built) both the Ekambareswarar and Thandayudhapani temple at a time.

Kovalan, the virgin lady kannagi’s husband was put to death and she out of anger, cursed Madurai and made into ashes. On her journey towards Northwest passed Lord Thandayuthapani’s temple where she was pacified and blessed her to go to siruvachur and have the incarnation as madurakali and bless the devotees.

Greatness of the place

Arulmigu Ekambareshwarar temple is referred as the core to chettikulam, and at the hill is the Lord Thandayuthapani temple which goes down from chettikulam. These two temples describe the historical value of the place. Uraiyur Cholaking Parandagan and the pandian king kulesekaran witnessed the presence of Father Shiva and dharshana made them to cred a temple. on the Hill, Arulmigu Thandayuthapani, has in his hand a sugarcane with eleven knots and this is one of the best.

To the order of Kamatchi Amman, Lord Thandayuthapani destroyed the Giant and as a gift to Him, Annai Kamatchi presented him, from her hand the Sugar cane and blessed Him. From that time onwards he gives His dharshana to his Bhakthas with sugarcane and removes all their sorrows and sufferings, blesses them to be happy. This is the reason why Anna Kamachi does n’t sugar cane in her hand.

Sooriya Pooja

Towards the East is the Ekambareswarar temple, Arulmigu Thandayuthapani on the hill faces his Father towards west is an unique feature.
On 19,20,21 dates of panguni month the sun’s rays fall on Shivalinga in the dawn and gradually works, falls on kamatchi Amman. Many of the devotees come to witness this miracle, On 19,20,21 dates of Maasi month, the sun’s rays fall on Lord Thandayuthapani in the dusk.

Festivals and Jathras

Thai poosam festival celebrated in Ekambareswarar temple is of great unique. panguni Festival celebrated in the hill of Lord Thandayuthapani is also of great unique. Only of panguni festival the Lord will come down the hill and will give his dharshana to the devotees.

This Panguni Festival is celebrated in a grand manner every year and this has been accredited during the rule of Britishers. It is inaugurated by hoisting a flag and for 14 days there will be special abhishegam and decoration. Decorated lord Thandayuthapani, will come around the town in the morning and evening. Besides, Lord will come around an Horse, Silver peacock and Floral decorated Vaganam, each and every day. The Festival ends with a farewell of Pancha Moorthigal.

A Place for Childless People

Devotees in Wanton of child will have to fast on shasti days, praying they have to tie a cradle on the Vilva tree. After getting fulfilled their prayer, the devoice has to bring his child in sugar cane cradle to the hill.

Zodiac Kuberan

In Arulmigu Ekambareswarar temple, there is a temple separately for Kuberan opposite to Ambal temple. Here Kuberan’s dharshana is with chitralekha sitting on Lotus. Here Green colour Kumkum is given as Prasad. This is one of the unique qualities of this temple. Besides that, for 12 Zodiac symbols are present in ‘OM’ shape in all the temple pillars. Offering Green dhoti is also a special one. This temple resemble as a place of kubera. On Kuberan’s birth star ‘Poorattadhi’ Kubera Homam and special prayers will be performed in a grand manner every month.

Silver Chariot

On Silver Chariot in the Prahara, Lord Thandayuthapani will come around the temple at 6.00 p.m . The amount be paid. to draw (pull) the Silver Chariot is Rs. 1,000/- . The Devotees can also have a fined deposit of Rs 20,000/- and can draw the chariot yearly once on any day they wish.

On the beautiful hill, we can have Lord Thandayuthapani’s dharshana. Hill has both exit and enter steps separately and separate road for vehicles.

Pooja Time

Morning 8.00 – 9.00 (Kalasandhi)
Afternoon 11.30 – 12.00 (Uchchikalam)
Evening 5.30 – 6.30 ( Saya rakshai )
Night 7.30 – 8.00 ( Arthasamam)

Photo Gallery

  • Chettikulam Temple - Hill View
  • Chettikulam Temple - Kovil Gopuram
  • Chettikulam Temple - Kuberan Idols

How to Reach:

By Air

To the North of Trichy – 40 kms

By Train

To the North of Trichy Junction– 40 kms and to West of Ariyalur Station-58Kms

By Road

To the North of Trichy – 40 kms and To the South of Perambalur nearly – 18 kms.