Arulmigu Siruvachur MathuraKaliaman Temple

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Temple History

The renowned temple of Arulmigu Mathura Kaliamman at Siruvachur located 50 kms from Trichy and 8 kms from Perambalur has an antiquity dating back to 1000 years. Large number of devotees throng this temple on Mondays and Fridays to worship the powerful deity and seek her divine blessings. According to tradition Chelliamman was the local deity of Siruvachur. An evil magician through his intense devotion to the deity won her favour. Pleased with his devotion, Chelliamman granted him any boon he wished. The cruel sorcerer wished that the deity should be his servant and do his bidding at all times. Bound by the power of her own boon Chelliamman had no other option but to obey all his evil commands.

At this time Kannagi the embodiment of virtue and chastity happened to visit Siruvachur. Kannagi was the devoted wife of Kovalan, a merchant. The happy couple led a blissful life till Kovalan in the course of his travels met Madhavi a beautiful danseuse. Enamored by her grace Kovalan started living with her and spent all his wealth on her. This went on for over a year during which he had a daughter Manimegalai through her. When his resources were exhausted Kovalan realized his folly and returned to his devoted wife Kannagi. The couple went to Madurai to eke out their livelihood. Kovalan, hard pressed for money, tried to sell one of the precious anklets of his wife. The anklets resembled those of the queen of Madurai and so Kovalan was charged with theft and swiftly beheaded by the king without even a trial. On hearing this, Kannagi seething with anger rushed to the king’s court and accused him of taking an innocent man’s life by his hasty and unjust ruling. With fuming rage she took out the other anklet and threw it down. All at once, by the power of her chastity the entire city of Madurai went up in flames.

After this Kannagi left Madurai and traveling towards north arrived at Siruvachur. There she rested for the night at the deserted temple. Something strange happened. The deity of the temple Chelliamman came out of the sanctum and requested Kannagi not to stay there as she could be killed by the cruel magician. Chelliamman narrated to Kannagi her sorry tale. Kannagi was very much moved and offered to help Chelliamman rid herself of the evil. Kannagi entered the sanctum with Chelliamman and lay there waiting. In the middle of the night the magician came and ordered Chelliamman to come out. Kannagi immediately invoked the blessings of her family deity Kali. Goddess Kali bestowed her powers on Kannagi who then leapt out of the sanctum, fought the magician, vanquished and beheaded him. Chelliamman was thus rid of her bondage.

Filled with gratitude Chelliamman prayed to Kannagi to stay at the temple permanently to bless and protect all devotees who seek her refuge.Chelliamman said that she would retreat and stay at the nearby Periyasami hills. Kannagi willingly consented but on condition that she would stay at the temple only on Mondays and Fridays and with Chelliamman on all other days. Since Kannagi came from Madurai and had invoked the blessings of Goddess Kali to slay the magician she was worshiped as Mathura Kaliamman when she took the seat at Siruvachur temple. Thousands of devotees visit the temple on Mondays and Fridays to seek the blessings of Mathura Kaliamman. During Puja Aarthi is first lifted towards Periyasami hills to offer prayers to Chelliamman and then it is offered to Mathura Kaliamman. In accordance with the magician’s dying wish his samadhi is located in front of the sanctum. Devotees stamp over the samadhi while entering the sanctum as wished for by the magician. The priests at the temple are said to be the descendants of the magician but entirely free of his evil proclivities by the divine grace of the deity.

It is said that the deity at the temple was originally consecrated by AdiSankara.The revered saint Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral has installed a powerful Srichakram in this temple. The deity is also the kuladeivam of KanchiMahaswami Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi.

Important Festival

Chithirai Car Festivel :

This Festival is Started from After Chithirai ammavasai 1st Tuesday the Poochorithal Festival and then after 8th day Kappu kattuthal Festival and then after 10th day Big car festival famous Big festival in the district.

The Special Temple Opening days in Tamil months are Chithirai Tamil New year; Aadi for Aadi 18th day; Purattasi for Navarathri 10 days; Iyppasi for Deepavali; Karthigai for Karthigai Deepam, Margazhi for Margazhi Pirappu, Vaikunda Ekadesi,English New year(January 1st ); Thai Thaippongal, Thaipoosam; Masi Sivarathri.

Temple Opening/Pooja Times

Temple Opening Time : Morning 6.30 A.M to 9.00 P.M
Abishgam Time : 11.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M.
Uchikala Pooja Time : 1.00. P.M to 1.30 ( Golden Kavasam )

Executive Officer
Arulmigu Siruvachur MathuraKaliaman Temple
Siruvachur, Perambalur Taluk & District -621113
Mobile No. : 8056553356

Photo Gallery

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How to Reach:

By Air

50Km from Trichy International Air Port

By Train

50KM from Tirhchirapalli Railway Junction

By Road

This Temple Located 50 Km From Trichy to Chennai Highways and 8 Km from Perambalur.