• Name and Address of the organization

Water Resources Department , Marudaiyaru Basin Division, Ariyalur

  • Head of the Organization/Department, Contact Number and E-Mail ID

Executive Engineer, WRD., 04329 – 222079,

  • Objectives

In Perambalur District, rivers of Marudaiyaru, Vellar (Right Bank), Chinnar, Kallar, Swetha Nathi and 33 anicuts across Tributaries of the above rivers and 73 Non – system tanks, supply channels and surplus course are located at 65 Villages are being maintained by Marudaiyaru Basin Division, Ariyalur. The activities such as protecting the water bodies from encroachements, Monitoring the flood protection works during rainy season. Regulating the water supply for irrigation and use the water without wastage, and Repairs, Renovate and Restore the water bodies along with local farmers are being carried out by the Water Resources Department.

  • List of on-going Projects
Sl.No.  Name of the Scheme Govt. Order No. / A.S.or RAS  Amount  (Rs. In Lakhs)
1 Construction of  Check dam across the Kalpadi odai at Kalpadi Village of Perambalur Taluk in Perambalur District. G.O. 4/ WR (S2)/ Department / Dated 07.01.2022
Rs. 342.00 Lakhs
2 Construction of  Check dam across the Chinnar river in Brammadesam Village of Veppanthattai Taluk in Perambalur District. G.O. 4/ WR (S2)/ Department / Dated 07.01.2022
Rs. 1000.00 Lakhs
3 Reconstruction of 8 numbers of Syphon in supply channel offtake from Nallur anicut to feed Noothapur and Nerkunam tanks in Veppanthattai Taluk of Perambalur District. G.O. (4D) No. 27 Water Resources (S2) Department / Dated 28.04.2022
Rs. 340.00 Lakhs
4 Rehabilitation of Koneri river originating from Pachamalai hills and it’s connecting tanks in Perambalur Taluk and District. G.O. (4D) No. 35 Water Resources (S2) Department / Dated 02.05.2022
Rs. 470.00 Lakhs
5 Construction of  check dam across Koneri River in Koneripalayam Village of Perambalur  Taluk & District. G.O. No. 75 /Water Resources (S1) Dept/ Dated: 16.08.2022.       Rs. 372.00 Lakhs
1 Kottarai  Civil work  ( Main Work ) G.O.Ms.No.25/PW (N2)/Dept. dated 25.01.2016.

Original Est Rs.6750.00 Lakhs.    First RAS Est.Rs.9270.39 Lakhs , G.O.(Ms)No.16 PW (N2) Dept date : 06.01.2020

2 Construction of a check dam across Madathuvari near Kurumbalur Village in Perambalur Taluk of Perambalur District. G.O. (4D). No. 9 Water Resources (S2) Department / Dated  07.01.2022
Rs. 133.95 Lakhs