• Name and Address of the Organization

District Treasury, Collector Office Campus,Perambalur-621212.

  • Head of the Organization/Department, Contact Number and E-Mail ID

Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts Department,044-24342438,044-24357412 and

  • Administrative Structure

District treasury administrative structure eng.

  • Objectives

The main objective of Treasuries and Accounts Department is to prepare the monthly Receipts and Expenditure of the District and submit the same to the Government through the Accountant General, Chennai.
Hence the Department serves as the “CUSTODIAN OF GOVERNMENT MONEY” . All the Treasuries were functioning under the control of Treasuries and Accounts Department.
In 1954, The Pay and Accounts Office was formed in Chennai, then Madras city, combining the work of treasury functions and audit functions, under the administrative control of Finance Department.
In 1962, The Department of Treasuries and Accounts was formed under the control of T & A Department with overall administrative control of Finance Department.
Treasuries and Accounts Department is Functioning with 243 Sub Treasuries and 38 District Treasuries 7 Pay and Accounts Office and 2 Sub Pay and Accounts Office.


1.Receipt of Government Money.
2.Payments on behalf of Government
3.Pension payments
4.Sale of stamps through vendors
5.Compilation of Government Accounts (District Wise)
6.Safe Custody of Valuables
7.Maintenance of Accounts for Local Funds/Personal Deposits etc.
8.Implementation of schemes like group insurance for AIS officers, Local body employees and 9.New Health Insurance Schemes for Government employees.

  • List of on-going Projects/Schemes with Target groups
Total No. of Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) – 247
Total No. of Employees – 8219
Total No. of Pensioners – 3871
Total No. of Stamp Vendors- 26
Total No. of Deposit Administrators-37
Total No. of Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) Users- 247

As of now Finance module has been implemented fully, where the Salary, Non salary Bills, OAP and other Scheme bills are successfully processed. Even the bills presented on last working day are passed on the same day and the ECS settled on the same evening itself.
The Urgent bills such as Election, Disaster Management bills were also immediately attended and encashed through IFHRMS within short span of time.
There is an enhanced security in scrutinizing the bills. DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) enabled bills is an additional features with regard to security.

All type of Pension such as First Pension, Life Time Arrear, Family Pension and Monthly Pension are successfully processed and settled then and there to the Pensioners. Encashment of Pension happens on the same day of Pension Process. The Pensioners can download their Pension slip in their individual login.

There are two types of Deposits
1) Deposits out of own funds,
2) Deposits from Government funds.
Deposits such as LFD I, LFD III, LFD V, LFD IX, TPF I, TPF III, PF, MGF I and MGF II are few deposits formed out of own source of funds. Deposits such as PD account from DADWO, DBCWO are deposits formed out of Government source which are to be closed on 31st of March every year. After the implementation of IFHRMS, the Cheque system has been dispensed and instead payment advice mode has been enabled through IFHRMS. This has brought the money into Government account and no Government money is left outside Government Accounts. Through Payment advice mode, the beneficiary is paid on the same day itself.

The Human Resource is integrated with Finance in this IFHRMS module. Each and Every Government employee Service Register is digitized to be called as eSR. In future the maintenance of Physical SR will be dispensed. The Service Register was lastly digitized by Wipro up to 2018. Now, the DDOs have to update the eSR of their employees as on date so as to integrate with the finance module.